All Star Games this Weekend

All Star Weekend and more


We are coming up on the end of the regular season. A lot of exciting things happening at Lunt Field.

What’s Next?

All-Star Day: This Sunday June 4th will be the annual All-Star Day. The festivities will be from 11:00-1:30 at Lunt Fields. For any players that are selected to play, please arrive by 10:30 AM. (The fields will be closed prior to that for Field Preparation). Your manager will let you know of any specific information or who was selected from your team(s). Please come and support all the players and their teammates that day, even if your player was not selected.

Playoffs: The playoffs for each division will be starting as soon as the regular season end. (End of the season could be June 11th if the weather cooperates). Playoffs will begin as soon as the 12th of June and go until all divisions are completed. AA and AAA are single elimination tournaments, with a best of 3 Championship. Majors will be a best of 3 championship. And our Rookie division normally does season ending Jamboree. Be on the lookout from your managers for upcoming dates and times.

Concession Sign-up: With playoffs coming, there are now additional times and dates for the Concession Signup. Please take the time to help fill up all the spots for Amy. She has done another great job this year (she now has salads and fruit!)……, and just needs some more people to sign up to finish the season. Please see the below link.

Tournament Teams: The GMLB tournament teams are beginning there practices and will soon be entered in tournaments around New England. Follow GMLB on Facebook as many will post results and pictures.

AED: The league has purchased an AED in case of an emergency! The AED is currently located inside the concession stand. It is available at the concession stand in the event of an emergency ask whoever is working to grab the AED for you. It is a fully automatic AED, but I would recommend any first responder nurse, EMT, or anyone who is trained to take the lead in using it as well as 911 being called immediately. There are directions with it and directions for first aid and CPR.

Upcoming Dates:

Be on the lookout for another GMLB League night. I am looking into another event like our Thunderbirds night. I will keep you posted.

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